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HeliScope PNG also offers support to the Mining & Exploration Industry. Our staff are highly experienced operating in PNG. All of our equipment is new and therefore provides the highest level of reliability. A testament to this is our rapid growth and growing client base in this area.


To date, HeliScope PNG has completed a range of projects in the Mining and Exploration Industry, providing helicopter support for large, remote base moves, supplies delivery, ferrying staff, as well as mining-related research and waterways monitoring.


For ease of logistics planning, HeliScope PNG has a large on-site freezer and secure storage area for foodstuffs and cargo waiting to be delivered to remote bases. Our organisation and communication in the air and on land, make for a smooth, efficient and safe completion of your project.


HeliScope PNG has sound experience in Telecommunications Tower Construction Projects and Maintenance Support.


We provide top-of-the-line lifting and rigging equipment, suitable for any size job. Our AS350 helicopters also provide larger internal carrying capacity than their competitors making it the machine of choice for safely transporting more fragile equipment and parts.


As with all our more logistical projects, HeliScope PNG offers a detailed pre-project plan that enables us to deliver a service that is highly efficient and safe.  As a result, we are fast becoming the go-to operator for work of this nature.



HeliScope PNG specialises in all aspects of Airborne Geophysics, including Gravity and Seismic, Electro Magnetics, Magnetometer, Spectrometer and Laser/Lidar Surveys.


Our pilots are highly experienced in flying accurate height and speed resulting in minimal cross track error lines in the challenging terrain of Papua New Guinea.


At HeliScope, we are aware of the vital part that Airborne Geophysical surveys play within the oil and mineral exploration industry and therefore strive to provide a service second to none. As a result we are regularly audited by major companies in this sector.


HeliScope PNG is involved in numerous Precision Drill Moves in remote area projects.

Our pilots and accredited ground-rigging crew are amongst the most experienced in PNG. They pride themselves on their safe, expeditious and accurate handling and placement of drilling equipment and assets.


At HeliScope PNG, we emphasis the importance of good communication with the client. We offer a detailed pre-project plan that enables us to deliver a service that is highly efficient and safe.  As a result, we are fast becoming the go-to operator for drilling project support.


HeliScope PNG operates aeromedical rescues in our AS350 helicopters.


Our aeromedical services include delivering medical staff and supplies to remote locations, transporting patients from accident scenes, transferring patients between medical facilities as well as search and rescue operations.


HeliScope PNG’s AS350 helicopters are equipped for search and rescue operations. Our helicopters can accommodate a stretcher and can be configured to house paramedical equipment and personnel if required for the more seriously ill or injured.

HeliScope PNG is the company of choice for St John's Ambulance Service. St John's is able to retrieve the relevant information from the caller to make an aeromedical evacuation safe and efficient. 


HeliScope PNG offers several experiences for tourists visiting Papua New Guinea. 

We are happy to discuss various options available to you within Port Moresby or tailor-make a one-off experience for you and your party to outlying islands or remote village locations.

One of our most popular tours year-round is our Kokoda Tour The flight gives you a unique bird's eye view of the main battlefields. From the air it is possible to clearly identify the main features and routes taken by the Australian and Japanese forces as they advanced and withdrew along the track.

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